WELCOME TO RAYCLIFF MANOR - New Location to be Announced Soon!

The Story Of Raycliff Manor

This year the lights have gone out in the Carriage House and your challenge is to make it all the way through with nothing but a glow stick to guide you! You will never know what creatures lie in wait until you feel the heat of their breath on your neck! You will never know what waits around each corner until you find yourself face to face with your deepest fears! Will you be the leader of your group and responsible for the only light source you'll have to find your way through? Do you have the courage to face the pitch black darkness of all that hides inside... The Carriage House?!

Raycliff Manor

A catacomb of nightmares, a macabre maze of horror. Enter freely and of your own will. This may be your last contact with reality; you have now entered the world of spirits. Inside the manor a mad genius once discovered the secret of extracting fear from his victims as trophies for his collection of terror. Now those fears are trapped inside, waiting for those who are brave enough to enter. No amount of screaming can wake you and your nervous laughter can’t protect you. In one of these rooms your worst nightmare has come to life and is waiting to confront you. It beckons you into the darkness…do you dare?

Raycliff Carriage House

Something strange has been taking place in the old Raycliff Manor Carriage House. Strange sounds have been heard and unusual flashes of light have been appearing in the normally darkened windows. There's a feeling of electricity in the air and steam appears to be rising from the top of the Raycliff Carriage House!

In the Raycliff Carriage House, Professor Walter Widget has stumbled upon some old equipment, not just any equipment, but that used by Dr. Raycliff himself in his experiments to extract fears from those unfortunate enough to be submitted to his treatments. Now the professor has figured out how to re-ignite the old steam driven machinery and a strange obsession has overtaken him. All he needs are willing subjects. Are you willing? Come and encounter the disorienting and mind bending experience the victims of Raycliff Manor faced when suffering the extraction of their fears. You may also be confronted with your fears as you brave the many twists and turns inside the Raycliff CARRIAGE HOUSE!

We are located at:

New Location to be Announced Soon!

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Hours of Operation

Friday & Saturday 7pm - Midnight     Sunday 6pm - 10pm. Ticket Window opens at 6:30pm.

Recorded Information

New Number Coming Soon!


Not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with weak hearts, or wimps! This is a scary attraction with high shock factor, terrifying special effects, and illusions that are horrifyingly real!

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Raycliff Manor has been been listed in HorrorHound Magazines Map To The Greatest US Haunts! Look for us in the Septmeber/October 2008 issue!


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