What It Means To Be A Raycliff Revolutionary…

The Raycliff Revolution is about affecting positive change in the world, starting right where we live! Instead of complaining about the things in life that we’d like to see change, we need to “be the change that we want to see”, as Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently put it! Being a part of the Raycliff Revolution means refusing to live life as a victim and taking control of our lives. If we aren’t happy, it’s time to focus our attention and our intention on manifesting what we want! Most importantly of all, being a Raycliff Revolutionary means putting a stop to hate, helping others in need and contributing to the society we live in so that we leave our world better then we found it. The Raycliff Revolution is about living to love so that we can keep loving to live!

The Raycliff Revolutionary Creed:

As a member of the Raycliff Revolution we are committed to the following:

1.To live life to the fullest, never allowing fear to prevent us from courageously stepping outside our comfort zones so that we can experience the most self-empowered and joy filled life possible!

2.To recognize that everyone we encounter is our brother or sister and to act without judgment and only out of a pure motivation for the highest and best interest of all!

3.To spend each day looking for an opportunity to help those in need and to practice random acts of kindness!

4.To live each day with the most positive attitude possible while looking for synchronicity, knowing that the universe conspires to support our visions, dreams and goals!

5.To be true to ourselves, never giving in to group, peer or social pressures and never placing these pressures on others!

6.To treat others as we would have them treat us!

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The Raycliff Attractions are not affiliated with any religious organization or church. We do, however, strive to live and promote living a life of non-judgment and excellence while contributing positively to society.

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